About Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge

About Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge

Awaken your senses and reconnect with nature

  • On the shore of Lake Eyasi
  • Beautiful views of the Rift Valley
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • 16 en-suite stone cottages
  • Dining • Lounge • Bar
  • Open-air lounge on upper level
  • Cultural activities & walks
  • Excellent food
  • Swimming pool
  • Tanzanian hospitality
  • Gift Shop
  • Free wi-fi
  • Open all year
  • Solar power
  • Check In 12h Check Out 10h

Located on a gentle slope, Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge offers stunning views over the seasonal soda lake and up to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Sixteen tastefully furnished spacious rooms are located within the large property, each with a private verandah overlooking the lake. The décor blends elements from the surrounding landscape with modern comfort.

The main Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge building features reception, lounge, bar, inside and outside dining, and a gift shop as well as an open air upper deck area. Our swimming pool offers a welcome and refreshing respite after a long and dusty safari. The lodge serves delicious and fresh continental cuisine and the friendly staff is delighted to see to our guest’s every need.

The region of Lake Eyasi, south-west of Ngorongoro, is home to the Hadza bushmen, the last survivors of a civilization that knows nothing of agriculture, livestock, pottery or metals. They live by hunting with bows and arrows and gathering wild berries and fruits. They are the last heirs of the ancestors who took their first steps right here, along the Rift Valley, about two hundred thousand years ago.

Their way of life has remained unchanged over the millennia and they live in small wandering groups of about twenty individuals. The Hadza people of Lake Eyasi are the heirs of the very first human beings, the kids of Olduvai Gorge and Koobi Fora who still have a symbiotic relationship with the environment, the purest example of anarchic society with no rules, no chief, no dont’s.

Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge is part of the Bougainvillea Group of Lodges, offering local Tanzanian hospitality in locations around the northern Safari Circuit.